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NEW How I Finally Won, and Why It Happened Now
 Winning a WalMart BFL was a goal that I had set for myself many
years ago. I've had success in club tourneys and team events, but
never a BFL. I had heard from past winners, that it can be a very
challenging goal to reach.
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  Largemouth on Finesse Topwater-
Impact Lures VIDEO

Join Kurt as he demonstrates how to fish finesse topwater
(Impact Lures) for largemouth bass during the summer in
northern Wisconsin lakes.
How to Fish for Largemouth Bass
  The Story of My Money (yes, it's a fishing story)
Ken Cook won the 21st Bassmaster Classic. George Bush and
Dan Quayle were in the White House. Metallica's "Enter
Sandman" was on the radio. I graduated from college and cut off
my sweet, long, rockstar hair, knowing I was going to have to start
thinking about a real job. It was 1991.
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by Kurt Mazurek
Follow along behind the scenes of tournament bass fishing
as the voice in this angler's head wrestles with highs and
lows, unexpected dangers, true friendship, lies and scandals
in pursuit of his personal best.
  Personal Best: Fishing and Life is not a "how-to" manual,
but instead an entertaining, fictional story, loaded with very
real information that just might make you think about your
approach to fishing and/or life. To learn more Click Here

  Up Close and Personal with the Bassmaster Elites
- My Experience as a Marshal!

So there I was, 15-feet behind one of the greatest fishermen of
all times, looking over his shoulder while he competed in the
world's biggest bass fishing tour. In this surreal moment, a
thought occurred to me.
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Kurt Catches His Personal Best Wisconsin Bass
Three days after Bass Season opened, Kurt Mazurek of Fishing
Forward caught the biggest bass he's ever seen in Wisconsin. He
got some video, but unfortunately there was a problem with the
sound. He was crushed, but then he had an idea. Check it out!
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